7th Grade Health and Fitness

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7th Grade Health Fitness is a semester class and consists of a Behavior Management Unit and a Nutrition/Fitness Unit.  We will split block classes with a combination of time in the classroom as well as the gym.

*  In Health, students will work in a packet and have a test at the end of each unit.  They will also take a Nutrition/Fitness CBA at the end of that unit. 

*  In the activity units, students will need to properly suit up and participate.  Absences will need to be made up with a make-up sheet ( those can be downloaded online) and missed runs will need to be made up during their activity time.

Topics Covered by Unit

Behavior Management Nutrition/Fitness
Rules/Guidelines Nutrients
Self Image/Esteem Food Pyramid
Attitudes/Stereotyping Daily Intake - Calories
Communication Body Image
Bullying Heart Rates
Personality Fitness
Stress/Goal Setting Eating Disorder
Rights/Responsibilities *CBA at the end of this unit