8th Grade Health and Fitness

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8th Grade students are  required to take a semester of Health Fitness.  During this time, they will be involved in a Growth and Reproduction Unit and a Substance Abuse Unit. Students will complete a Health Unit and then rotate out to the gym for an activity unit. 

  • In Health, students will work in a packet and have a test at the end of each unit.  They will also take a Substance Abuse CBA at the end of that unit.
  • In the activity units, students will need to properly suit up and participate.  Absences will need to be made up with a make-up sheet ( those can be downloaded online) and missed runs will need to be made up during their activity time.

Topics in Each Unit

Substance Abuse Growth & Development
Smoking Anatomy
Alcohol Puberty
Drugs Reproduction
Addiction Fetal Development
Refusal Skills STDs
  Birth Control
Presentation by: Sexuality
Officer Zornes AIDS


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