Activity Bus

The Activity Buses are available on Mon/Tue/Thurs/Fri, and staff will help students with finding the bus stop nearest to their home, as well as provide them with the required bus pass.  Activity Buses typically depart between 4:15pm- 4:30pm.

Activity Bus #1 (Bus T-33):
  1. Starting Point: Kenmore Middle School

  2. Kenmore Elementary

  3. 80th AVE NE @ NE 179th PL (Copper Creek)
  4. 7614/7620 NE Bothell Way (Jay's Cafe)
  5. 68th AVE NE @ NE 185th ST (Northshore Utility)
  6. 65th AVE NE @ NE 181st ST (Kenmore Library)
  7. NE 181st ST @ 60th AVE NE (Uplake Area)
  8. NE 190th ST @ 58th AVE NE
  9. NE 193rd ST @ 58th AVE NE
  10. 55th AVE NE @ NE 198th PL
  11. 55th AVE NE @ NE 204th ST
  12. Floral Way @ 241st PL SW
  13. 236th ST SW @ 28th AVE W (Laurel Crest)
  14. 228th ST SW @ 24th AVE W
  15. Atlas RD @ Barker RD (Conerstone)
Activity Bus #2 (Bus 111):
  1. Starting Point: Kenmore Middle School
  2. Locust Way @ 234th PL SW
  3. 4th AVE W @ 224th ST SW (Frank Love)
  4. 214th ST SW @ 4th AVE W
  5. Winesap RD @ 3rd DR SE (Thunderbird)
  6. Filbert DR @ 3rd AVE SE (Autumn Crest)
  7. Filbert DR @ 1st AVE SE (Talon)
  8. Bartlett RD @ Filbert DR
  9. Filbert RD @ 202nd ST SE

Clubs Schedule

Activities and Clubs start shortly after school unless otherwise posted. There will be an Activity Bus that leaves campus between 4:15pm-4:30pm for after school activities. Students will be required to know which bus they will be taking.