We are proud to offer various opportunities for students to take part in sports at Kenmore Middle School!

In order to best facilitate sporting events and practices the school year is divided into four sports seasons, with each sport occurring in a specific season.

Sports News

Season 1 Sports begin after-school on Thursday, September 5th! 
Students are to bring athletic clothing with them to school, and meet in the Gymnasium after the final bell. 
Coaches will go over all other specifics on the first day of tryouts/practice. 
  • Sports take place on Mon/Tue/Thurs/Fri after-school,
  • Practices will conclude around 4:30/4:40pm.
  • Games start around 4:00pm. 
  • Game schedules will be provided by the coaches, but as a general rule of thumb, game days should be on Monday's & Thursday for all Season 1 Sports. For Cross Country, meets will be held on Thursdays. 


For all sport games & matches hosted offsite, transportation to the event will be provided for the students by school bus. However, parents/ guardians are required to pick-up their student following all offsite games, as transportation back to KMS is NOT provided. Pick-up is also required after all home games.


Activity Buses:

Activity Buses are available for students to take home after practices. Activity buses are available on Mon/Tue/Thurs/Fri, and coaches will help students with finding the bus stop nearest to their home, as well as provide them with the required bus pass. Activity Buses do not service home game days, as games do not conclude in time. Activity Buses typically depart at 4:50pm.



There will be NO middle school practices or competitions after-school on ‘early release’ Wednesdays.


Season 1 (September - October)


  • 7th & 8th Volleyball
  • 6th Soccer*
    • No Cut
  • 7th & 8th Soccer


  • 7th & 8th Tennis


  • Cross Country*
    • No Cut
    • All grades

Season 2 (November - January)


  • 7th & 8th Basketball
  • 6th Basketball*
    • No Cut

Season 3 (February - March)


  • 7th & 8th Basketball
  • 6th Basketball*
    • No Cut


  • Wrestling*
    • No Cut
    • All grades

Season 4 (April - May)


  • 7th & 8th Tennis
  • 6th Volleyball*
    • No Cut


  • 7th & 8th Soccer
  • 6th Soccer*
    • No Cut


  • Track & Field*
    • No Cut
    • All grades

Sports with an asterisk (*) are a non-cut sport.


Registration is done online through FinalForms. Your information is saved from season-to-season and year-to-year, making the registration process quick and easy.


All students participating in a middle school sport must purchase an ASB card for $30. These funds directly support the year-to-year cost of the athletic programs.

There is a $100 fee for each sport. Individuals participating in more than one season will pay a maximum of $280 per school year.

Families with two or more students participating during the same season will be charged $70 per participant up to a family limit of $280 per school year.

Families with two or more students participating at both high school and middle school level will have a family limit of $396.

Fees do not guarantee a roster spot or playing time.


  • Have a current physical on file with the main office.
    • Physicals are valid for two years from the exam date and must be valid through the entire season.
    • It is the student's responsibility to check on the expiration date.
  • Students must maintain a GPA of 2.0 and be passing at five of six classes.
  • Pay all required and any outstanding fees/fines. (ASB card, sports participation fee, etc.) Students will not be allowed to participate in games, meets or matches until ALL fees are paid.
  • Students must attend two of three academic periods on a block day or four of six academic periods on a six-period day to be eligible for that day’s game/event.


If you do not have medical insurance, we provide information regarding student accident and health insurance coverage administered by Myers-Stevens & Toohey, Inc. Coverage is available for:

  • Interscholastic Tackle Football 
  • School-Time Accident Plan
  • Full-Time 24/7 Accident Plan
  • Accident & Sickness Plan
  • Dental Accident Plan

These low cost plans are used by many school districts across the state. Although they are not the only provider of this type of coverage, they have been recommended by our Washington Schools Risk Management Pool.

FinalForms Instructions

You will need the following information to allow for accurate completion of your online registration:

  • Basic Medical History & Health Information
  • Insurance Company & Policy Number
  • Doctor & Dentist Contact Information
  • Hospital Preference

Creating an Account

FinalForms sends an email to parents and students with steps to create a FinalForms account. Emails are only sent if the is in grades 6-12. The student must be enrolled in the Northshore School District before an account creation email is sent. If you need assistance creating your account, please contact FinalForms technical support.

Registering a Student

  1. Visit
  2. Click LOGIN under the Parent icon.
  4. Select the sports for which you would like to register. Your selection can be changed at any time prior to the registration deadline.
  5. Complete each form and sign your full name in the Parent Signature field at the bottom of the page. After signing a form, click SUBMIT FORM and move on to the next form.
  6. You will see  a “Forms Finished” message when all forms are complete.
  7. If required, an email will automatically be sent to the your student, prompting them to complete the forms requiring their signature.
  8. Click MY STUDENTS when you are done. Repeat steps 3 - 6 for additional students.
  9. If you need to update your information, click the UPDATE FORMS button.


  1. If a student is injured, has an illness that ends participation or withdraws from school before the mid-point of a season, a full refund will be granted if requested.
  2. If more than 50% of the season is completed, a 50% refund will be granted.
  3. Any student who quits a team will not be eligible for a refund.
  4. Students who prepay and are cut from a team will be issued a full refund.

Athletic Forms


  • There are activity buses available to take students home after practices.
  • Transportation is provided by bus to games but not back to Kenmore. Parents and guardians are responsible for student transportation after games. 
  • Student Pick-up is required after all home games.


  • Practices are Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday, except for game days. (coaches may change practices)
  • All practices begin in the locker rooms at 3:05 p.m. and end at 4:35 p.m.
  • There will be no middle school practices or competitions after-school on 'early release' Wednesdays.

Policies & Guidelines

Concussion Protocol

If an athlete is injured during practice or competition, the Athletic Trainer will evaluate the injury and recommend a course of action.

The Athletic Trainer’s recommendation may be as simple as taping an ankle, referring the student-athlete to their family physician or, in some rare cases, sending the athlete to the Emergency Room.

If an athlete has been seen by a doctor, or the Athletic Trainer has decided the athlete needs to see a doctor, they cannot return to practice/competition until they have a signed note, from a Physician (Chiropractors and Physical Therapist’s do not count) that clearly describes the injury and states that the injured athlete is cleared to resume full athletic participation.

WIAA Rule 18.13.3 “to resume participation following an illness and/or injury serious enough to require medical care, a participating student must present to the school officials a physicians medical release.”

If an athlete participates without providing a Physicians note, that athlete is an ineligible player which can result in forfeits of any games that athlete participated in.

An Injured athlete cannot return to practice/competition until the Athletic Trainer clears him/her for participation, regardless of physicians note.

Athletes returning to participation after prolonged rehabilitation and inactivity must have an appropriate number of practices prior to full participation.

Concussion Management

  • If an athlete is suspected to have sustained a head injury, the Athletic Trainer will evaluate the athlete for a concussion.
  • Per the Zackery Lystedt Law in the state of WA, “if concussive signs/symptoms are present any athlete under the age of 18 must be removed from participation for the remainder of the day.”
    • If no concussive symptoms are present and the evaluation shows no sign of a concussion per the Athletic Trainer’s testing, the athlete can return to participation.
  • If an athlete has been evaluated for a concussion and held out due to concussive symptoms, the Athletic Trainer will contact a parent with instructions on what to do when the athlete arrives home.
  • The following day the athlete is required to check in with the Athletic Trainer after school for a follow-up concussion evaluation. If concussion “like” symptoms are still persistent, then the athlete is required to be evaluated by a Physician, who is trained in concussion management.
  • If an athlete is being monitored for a concussion, the Athletic Trainer will communicate directly with the concussion team at Inglemoor. This team consist of the athletic director, school nurse, student’s counselor and assistant principal, and their teachers.
  • Once an athlete is seen by a Physician for a concussion, they are required to complete the Concussion Return to Play Protocol.
  • Again, despite what the Physicians note states the athlete cannot be cleared to full participation until the Athletic Trainer clears him/her.

Concussion RTP Protocol

Anytime an athlete sustains a concussion/head injury we follow these guidelines to safely return the athlete to play (RTP). Concussion Management Guidelines are designed to be in accordance with the Seattle Sports Concussion Program and Zackery Lystedt Law.

  • Athlete goes to their Primary Care Physician for clearance.
    • When the physician clears the athlete for RTP, they are required to complete the physical activity progression before being released back to athletics.
  • The athlete is required to check in with the Athletic Trainer daily to report their symptoms.
    • Light aerobic activity in a controlled environment (i.e. 20 min of a stationary bike) may be initiated by the Athletic Trainer, research has shown this to aid in concussion recovery
  • Full Return to Learn must occur first before the additional Return to Play steps are completed.
    • This includes working in the classroom without restrictions or return of symptoms.
  • Once they have reported to be symptom free for 24 hours after full Return to Learn, the ImPact test will be administered.
    • The ImPact test is a computerized neurocognitive assessment tool used to evaluate and manage concussions. The athlete’s post injury test score can be compared to their baseline test scores, if they have taken the test prior to injury. If they do not have a baseline test, we will compare their scores to normative data.
  • The ImPact test results are sent to a neurologist, for review. The neurologist emails the athletic trainer back with any concerns/red flags the test might have highlighted as an area of concern. If there is nothing of concern the neurologist will release the athlete to begin the 3-step in the physical activity progression.
  • The 3-step physical activity progression is as follows:
    • Step 1- 20 min on a stationary bike, elliptical, treadmill, etc. AND a workout with the Athletic trainer
    • Step 2- Non-contact sport specific practice
    • Step 3- Contact practice
  • Only one step can be completed per day and if any symptoms arise the activity is stopped immediately and attempted again the next day.
  • Once all of these steps are completed the athlete will be released for full participation in athletics with no restrictions.

Note: If an athlete sustains a concussion the Athletic Director, school nurse, coaches, athlete’s counselor, and teachers are notified of the injury. They are given specific instructions of what a concussion is and the signs/symptoms to look for. In addition, if modifications in the classroom are needed due to prolonged concussion symptoms, that can be facilitated as well.

Our concussion management and RTP progression is developed using the guidelines outlined by: The 4th International Consensus Statement on Concussion in Sport, the NATA Sport Concussion Position Statement, and the Washington Interscholastic Activities Association

Leadership Code

The opportunity to participate in the athletic program or as an elected or appointed school leader in the Northshore School District is a privilege available to all students. Because of the public nature of athletic and activities programs sponsored by the district, students choosing to participate are expected to conduct themselves at all times during their season of participation and between consecutive seasons in a manner that will reflect  the high standards and ideals of their school and community. These high personal standards for conduct promote maximum achievement, safe performances, commitment to excellence in health and conditioning, and fulfill responsibilities as student leaders by setting a positive example for other students.

The expectations for being a participant in a school's athletic or activities program, including specific eligibility requirements, training rules, activities expectations and team rules shall be communicated to team/group  members at the beginning of the season of participation. All program expectations and team rules shall be in writing.

If students are earning credits from a school that is not one of the District's Secondary Schools or a district alternative program, they are expected to attend all athletic individual and team practices as scheduled by the respective coaching staff. Athletic practices and competitions take precedent over conflicts with non -Northshore credit providers.   Sport specific attendance policies will be followed  if practices or  contests are  missed.

On game day, student athletes participating in the competitive sports season must attend, at least, one half of the classes  assigned to them, in  order  to be eligible to compete in the evening’s event.

It is the highest priority that student athletes meet  specific academic benchmarks toward high school graduation  in order to continue competing. Student athletes who are credit deficient must confer with their counselor  to develop an academic plan to retrieve credits and demonstrate ongoing evidence of meeting the plan. Students must meet the standards for interscholastic eligibility as outlined in Article 18 of the Washington Interscholastic Athletic Association handbook, the KINGCO League and the Northshore School District  and  specific expectations of their individual school. Additionally, students will be required to earn a minimum 2.0 GPA for  the previous semester in order to achieve interscholastic eligibility, (this applies to athletes  only).  Copies  of  these rules and regulations may be obtained from the  school Athletic or  Activities  Director  upon  request.

Any student who is involved as an athlete or as an  appointed or  elected  school leader  who  willfully performs any act that substantially interferes with or is detrimental to the orderly operation of the District's athletic or activities  programs shall be subject to  discipline.

As participants in athletic or activities programs, students are faced with choices. If a student's choices interfere, impede, hinder their personal or group/team performance or render the individual as unfit to serve as a representative(s)  of the district's  schools,  they forfeit  the privilege to  participate.

Conduct Rules

  1. Athletes and/or student leaders will receive disciplinary consequences for failure to demonstrate courtesy, fairness and respect for other participants, spectators, advisors, coaches, staff members and supervisors; unsportsmanlike conduct; profanity, obscene gestures, hazing, lack of attendance; and/or damage, vandalism to school property, uniform and equipment, another school's and/or district’s property. Athletes and/or student leaders are held to all rules of conduct as listed and described in the Rights & Responsibilities Handbook Concerning Student Conduct and will receive disciplinary consequences for failure to follow reasonable requests, academic dishonesty  violations,  bullying, misuse of technology and/or behaviors deemed unacceptable by Northshore School District and/or the community.
  2. Failure to Follow  Building and/or  Team Rules:
    Each sport/leadership/activity position will have individual team/group rules established by the head coach/advisor. The head coach/advisor shall inform the school Athletic Director/Activity Director  and the student's parent(s) or guardian(s) of these specific team and/or leadership rules.  When  students fail to follow these rules, disciplinary consequences for their actions shall be applied.

General Rules

  1. Misconduct by participants in the athletic/activity program at any time, on or off campus, school related and/or non-school activities during the season of participation and between consecutive seasons of participation constitutes denial of participation. Seasons begin with the first  turnout,  election  or appointment to a position and conclude with the season ending recognition/awards program in the individual sport or activity.
  2. Student  Athletic and Leadership Code  violations are accumulative  during grades  six through eighth.

Student Agreement

Any student who is involved as an athlete or as an elected or appointed school  leader  must adhere to the rules  outlined in this  code and sign the agreement pledging to do  so.

Consequences for  violations of the Student Athletic & Leadership Code  will include any or   all:

Probation is a period of time in which a student may be given time to correct deficiencies that could result in denial of participation for a given period of time or removal from  the activities/group  participation.   (Probation does not pertain to athletes).

Denial of participation means that the student is allowed to practice but not compete or perform in  games or any leadership activities.

Loss of eligibility, which may carry over to subsequent sports/activities seasons, means  the student will not practice in uniform, or participate in interscholastic competition or leadership activities/groups. Per Northshore School  District  disciplinary code,  a  student on suspension from school is not eligible for any form of participation  or attendance at  any school activities  or  athletic events.

Student athletes and school leaders are held to all general rules  of  conduct as  stated  previously in the Rights & Responsibilities Handbook Concerning Student Conduct. Behaviors resulting in disciplinary action and/or loss of eligibility include but are not limited to acts of planning, organizing or communicating an activity defined as exceptional misconduct or the act of influencing others to engage in  exceptional misconduct whether  carried out  or not.

A student athlete or school leader who forges grade checks to become eligible to participate but is determined prior to competition in  their  sport or  activity shall be subject to the following   penalty:

1st Violation - A participant shall be immediately ineligible for interscholastic competition for the remainder of the season. Ineligibility shall continue until the next sports season in which the participant wishes to participate. A participant in a leadership/activity role will be  placed  on probation or suspended from participation  of leadership activities for no less than the remainder  of the semester  or  up to fifty (50) school days;  whichever is longer.

2nd Violation - A participant, who again violates rule d above, shall be ineligible for interscholastic competition/activity for  a period  of one (1) calendar  year  from the date of the second  violation.

3rd Violation - A participant, who violates for a third-time rule d above, shall  be  permanently ineligible for interscholastic c o m p e t i t i o n /activity. A student athlete, parent, guardian or school leader who provides false information or documents to become eligible to participate and does participate shall be declared athletically ineligible for a period of one year. The one (l) calendar year penalty begins the day the determination is made that false information was provided subject to penalties  outlined in  WIAA Regulations 28.4.0.

A student athlete, parent, guardian or school leader who provides false information or documents to become eligible to participate and does participate shall be declared athletically ineligible for a period of one year. The one calendar year penalty begins the day the determination is made that false information was provided subject to penalties outlined in WIAA Regulations 28.4.0.

Use  and/or Possession of  Alcohol,  Marijuana and Illegal Controlled Substances:

Possession, use, under the influence, purchase/sale agreement or intent to sell (whether completed or not), transport, distribution and/or delivery of alcohol, marijuana, controlled substances (e.g. narcotics  or inhalants) and/or prescription drugs in a manner inconsistent with the prescribing order or look-a-like, drug paraphernalia or substance carrying devices  (including  but not limited to;  vapor, hookah  and e -cigarettes) is prohibited. This rule is applicable 24/7 for in-season athletes and student leaders. If a student athlete or leader finds him or herself in the presence of alcohol, marijuana and/or an illegal controlled substance the student shall take immediate action to remove him or herself from the situation. The presence of alcohol, marijuana and/or an illegal controlled substance is defined as: being at a party or gathering where alcohol, marijuana and/or  an illegal controlled  substance is being consumed  by those under  the age of 21.

Any student athlete/student leader possessing, selling/distributing, consuming and/or using any of legend drugs and controlled substances/alcohol, marijuana or sale of legend drugs (drugs obtained through prescription, RCW 69.41.020-050) and controlled substances/alcohol, marijuana (RCW 69.50) shall be subject to disciplinary actions. SEE  WIAA  REGULATION 18.26.0.

A participant who seeks and receives help for a problem with use of legend drugs  (RCW  69.41.010 identified substances) or controlled substances, alcohol, marijuana and controlled substance analogs (RCW 69.50.101 identified substances) shall be given the opportunity for assistance through the school and/or community agencies. In no instance shall participation in a school and/or community approved assistance program excuse a student athlete or student leader from subsequent compliance with this regulation. However successful utilization of such an opportunity or compliance with athletic/leadership code by the student may allow him/her to have eligibility reinstated. Should the student  or  parent/guardian feel aggrieved by the imposition of discipline through the Athletic/Leadership Code, the student and/or parent(s)/guardian(s)  would follow the right of review  process.

Students in violations of the athletic/leadership code shall be subjected to the following  disciplinary actions:

1st violation - A participant shall be immediately ineligible for interscholastic competition in the current interscholastic sports program for the remainder of the season.  Ineligibility shall  continue until the next sports season in which the participant wishes to participate. A participant in a leadership/activity role will be placed on probation or suspended from participation of leadership activities for no less than the remainder of the semester or up to fifty (50) school days; whichever is greater.  Eligibility can only be reinstated  through  the right of review process.

2nd Violation - A participant  who again violates any provision  of RCW 69.41.020  through 69.41.050 or  of RCW 69.50 shall be ineligible for interscholastic competition  for  a period  of one calendar year from the date of the second violation. A participant in a leadership/activity role is ineligible to participate in  current program for a  period  of  one (1) calendar year.

3rd Violation  - A  participant  who violates for  a third-time RCW 69.41.020 - 69.41.050 or RCW 69.50 shall be permanently ineligible for interscholastic competition. A participant in a leadership/activity role shall  be  permanently ineligible to participate.

Use and/or Possession Vapes/Substance Delivering Devices

See Rights and Responsibilities Handbook for discipline action

Procedural  due process for  Athletic Leadership Right of  Review

Consequences assigned from the Student Athletic/Leadership Code are a form of discipline. Athletic/Leadership disciplinary actions are subject to review through an informal grievance process. Requests to review consequences specifically impacting eligibility for current and/or future seasons would adhere to the following  process:

Any student, parent(s) or guardian(s) who is aggrieved by the imposition of Athletic/Leadership Code corrective action shall have the right to an informal conference  with  the school principal or his/her  designee for the purpose of resolving the   grievance.

A request to review a disciplinary action must be submitted in writing to the school principal or his/her designee within two (2) school business days after notification of the corrective  action.  After  that time, the right to any review is waived.

During such conference, the student, parent(s) or guardian(s) shall be subject to questioning by the school principal or his/her designee and shall be entitled to question school personnel involved in the matter being grieved. The review of the grievance will be conducted within two (2) school business days of receipt of a written request to have the action reviewed. The application of the assigned corrective action shall continue notwithstanding the grievance process; the student cannot participate until the grievance is resolved. The decision of the principal or his/her designee will be conveyed to the student, parent(s) or guardian(s) within two (2) school business days of concluding the conference. The outcome may result in a decision to sustain, modify or rescind the corrective action in cases of extenuating or exceptional circumstances.

Subsequent to the review with the building principal, the student, parent(s) or guardian(s), upon two school business  days’ prior notice, shall have the right to present a  written and/or oral grievance   to the District Hearings Officer. During the hearing the student and parent(s)/guardian(s) shall be subject to questioning by the District Hearings Officer. The decision  of the District  Hearings Officer to sustain, modify or rescind the corrective action will be conveyed to the student, parent(s) or guardian(s) within three (3) school business days of concluding the hearing. The District’s hearing officer shall have the final authority as to the student's participation in the interscholastic sports program  or  the  student  leader's participation.



Athletics Secretary

Brooke Heath

Office Hours

8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
Monday - Friday

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