Return to In-Person Learning

  1. A/B Grouping: We are very close to completing our A/B grouping of students. You should receive your official notification in the next day or two. Please pay extra attention to which group your student is placed as they will only be allowed on campus on their given days. We have been working very hard to pair up our Colt students with their elementary siblings. This means, if you marked on your secondary intent to return survey, that your KMS student had an elementary sibling, they should be paired with the same day as their elementary brother and sister. If this did not happen, when you get your KMS student grouping, please contact their counselor. We have also worked very hard, and have moved a few teachers’ classrooms, to ensure all students fit into our classrooms. It is a priority for us that we do not need an overflow room even given the limitations of our classrooms. This also means we have very little ability to move students from one group to the other.
  2. Guided Tours: We know many of you have asked and we were hoping to provide guided tours prior to student return to campus. Unfortunately, we will not be able to offer guided tours before we welcome back students on the 19th. As much as we would have liked to, it wasn’t feasible when we looked into the logistics. We would invite you during Spring Break (April 11th - April 18) to come to campus and take a self guided tour of our campus. Due to personnel available and cleaning protocols, buildings will not be open, but the campus is available to help your students orient themselves with the buildings on campus. Our classrooms are numbered by the hundreds (ex. all 200 classrooms are in the 200 building, etc.). Students should know their room numbers of their six classes by the end of the week. Student lists will also be posted near the temperature check stations on April 19th, so students know where to find their 1st period classes. Students will receive a paper copy of their schedule with classroom numbers listed along with a map, in their first period classes and one of the activities for the first day is to plan their walking route from class to class around campus.
  3. Soft Start Activities: We have several activities planned during the first weeks back in order to help students familiarize themselves with campus and their walking paths to and from classes. For safety reasons, walking routes have changed around campus, they will be new for all students. If your student is feeling anxious about this please reassure them the campus flow is new for everyone. Along with the activities to make them feel comfortable about moving throughout campus, there will be plenty of adult and student ambassadors clearly marked to ask questions of and ensure they get where they are going in a safe manner.
  4. April 7th, 8th, and 9th - Asynchronous Days: This week, teachers in secondary schools across Northshore and at Kenmore Middle School will spend time preparing their classrooms. Preparations will occur on April 7, 8, and 9. During these classroom preparation days, students will be provided with lessons and learning activities that extend and build upon current course lessons or units. The work students will be asked to do is work they can do independently. Teachers will be sure to share their expectations for asynchronous learning time with students prior to the first classroom preparation (asynchronous learning) day. On each asynchronous learning day, attendance and participation is expected, and teachers will notify students of how attendance will be taken in each class.
  5. School supplies: Students will need to bring the following items each day they are on campus: their charged laptop, labeled computer charger, pencil pouch/pens pencils/permanent marker, math notebook, folder for papers, extra mask, hand sanitizer, water bottle (drinking fountains have been turned off but we will have filling stations clearly marked around campus for students to get water), and a backpack. Since lockers will not be available and students will be expected to carry their belongings throughout the day we are asking each student to have a backpack to be able to do this. If these items create a financial hardship, please contact your student's counselor as we do have some resources available to provide these items. To reduce the weight of students' backpacks and because most assignments will continue to be turned in through Schoology we are encouraging students to have a folder for the small number of papers they will have and not to carry a three ring binder.
  6. Student returning website: We are currently building a webpage that will be linked to our KMS homepage with many more details about students returning to Kenmore Middle School this Spring. We hope to have the webpage live, early this week and will provide the specific link in the next communication.
  7. The students should have watched our Welcome Back video in their homerooms this morning. Parents will be able to find the video and view it on our Schoology home page or at this link: . It has a lot of good information regarding what life will look like on campus upon students return.