Smarter Balanced Assessment


It is the time of year when schools across the state of Washington administer the Smarter Balance Assessment (SBA).  Hopefully this will clear up many of the questions you have.  Sixth and seventh grade students will be assessed in areas of Mathematics and English Language Arts and eighth grade students will be assessed in the areas of Mathematics, English Language Arts and Science.  These students will be assessed in their currently scheduled Math, ELA and Science classes during block periods of their assigned testing days.  As the SBA is not a timed assessment, both time and a location will be provided for students who do not finish during the scheduled block period.

Students will be assessed on the following days:

  • ELA (6th, 7th and 8th grade):  5/2 or 5/3, 5/4, 5/5 or 5/6, 5/9 or 5/10, 5/11
  • Math (6th, 7th and 8th grade):  5/16 or 5/17, 5/18, 5/19 or 5/20
  • Science (8th grade only):  5/12 or 5/13

Student assessments will take place only in their scheduled periods.  For the remainder of the day, students will attend their regularly scheduled classes.  Students who miss class due to finishing their assessments will be excused and not penalized.

Students should come prepared for testing.  This means they should:

  • Bring a book to read if they finish their test early.
  • Get a good night's sleep a couple of nights leading up to their assessment window.
  • Eat a well-balanced breakfast on the days of the assessment.
  • Bring their school-issued, fully charged computers (they will not be able to test on personal devices).
  • Students will need headphones for the SBA and should bring them from home.  Headphones will be provided for students who need them, but we ask that you sign up if your student will need them.  You can sign your student up for headphones at the following link:
  • If you have multiple students who need headphones, fill out the form for EACH student.

If your student is absent, please make sure you call the attendance office.  Assessment make-ups will happen the week of May 23rd 


Headphones/Earbuds Required for Upcoming SBA (State) Testing

SBA testing begins at KMS at the beginning of May. Every student will be required to bring headphones to be used for the duration of testing. If your student does not have a pair of headphones to use, please fill out this form. If you have multiple students who need headphones, fill out the form for each student. 

Questions? Please contact Holly Herbison, KMS Testing Coordinator