Parking & Transportation

Dropping off Students

The driveways and parking lots are marked on the ground and on signs with directions for traffic flow. Following the directions will protect students walking through the parking lot and move traffic quickly. 

  • Parents dropping off students must not block the drive-through.
  • If your student(s) need extra time to unload, please park in one of the marked spaces.
  • At no time are you to enter the marked Bus Zone.
  • Never park in a fire lane
  • Always use the Exit, never leave through the entrance.

Drop-Off Map

Student drop off map

Locations for student drop off and bus drop off. Right turn only exiting the student drop off between the hours of 7:45 to 8:45 a.m. and 2:45 to 3:30 p.m.

Activity Bus

Activity buses will be available four days a week this year; Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays. Buses will leave KMS at 4:45. Activity Bus Routes are posted
on the front office door and will be posted on our website by Wednesday, 9/5.

Activity Bus #1 (Bus185):
  1. Starting Point: Kenmore Middle School

  2. 73rd AVE NE @ NE 192nd ST

  3. 80th AVE NE @ NE 179th PL
  4. 7614/7620 NE Bothell Way (Mia Roma/Jays Cafe)
  5. 68th AVE NE @ NE 185th ST
  6. 65th AVE NE @ NE 181st ST
  7. NE 181st ST @ 60th AVE NE
  8. NE 190th ST @ 58th AVE NE *Non-Serviceable in snow*
  9. NE 193rd ST @ 58th AVE NE
  10. 55th AVE NE @ NE 198th PL
  11. 55th AVE NE @ NE 204th ST
  12. Floral Way @ 241st PL SW
  13. 236th ST SW @ 28th PL W (Crestview Hills)
  14. 236th ST SW @ 23rd AVE W *Non-Serviceable in snow*
  15. 25th AVE W @ 231st PL SW
  16. Atlas RD @ Barker RD *Non-Serviceable in snow*
Activity Bus #2 (Bus 143):
  1. Starting Point: Kenmore Middle School
  2. Locust Way @ 234th PL SW
  3. 4th AVE W @ 224th ST SW
  4. 214th ST SW @ 4th AVE W
  5. 19330 Winesap RD @ Thunderbird MHP
  6. Filbert DR @ 197th PL SE
  7. Filbert DR @ 1st AVE SE
  8. Bartlett RD @ Filbert DR
  9. Filbert RD @ 202nd ST SE

District Transportation

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