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Come see what resources are available for you and your student at the Kenmore Branch of the King County Library System! In addition to books (including e- books and audio), there are numerous FREE databases to support research, FREE internet access and FREE printing! Stop by between 6-8 pm on Wednesday, January 15th to find out more. Teen librarian JJ Higgins will be on hand to answer questions, along with a Spanish translator. It’s your library, let’s use it!

Holiday Assistance - Community Resources

These community resources are available to families this holiday season.  Northshore is not affiliated with any of these organizations and only provides this information as a resource for families to use at their own discretion.

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Quarter 1 final grades and Semester 1 mid-term grades are being distributed to students on Friday. Please ask your child to see their grades.  If you have not signed up for ParentVUE, please contact Sue Houser at to be able to access your child's academic and attendance records.

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Sixth Grade Schedules for 2nd Quarter 

The Sixth grade second quarter schedules will be distributed on Monday, November 4th during Advisory.

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Most of our school communication is done through our weekly Email Blasts, sent out each Wednesday afternoon. We have received feedback that many of you have found these emails in your junk/spam mailboxes, rather than in your inbox. Please search for these emails, and direct them into your inbox, as this is our main way of communicating home with you each week and you will find that this information is a very helpful way to stay up to date & in the know! Thank you!

Tree in Fall Season

Fundraiser Pick-up Information

When? Tuesday, November 5th, 3:15pm- 4:30pm

Where? Cafeteria

Who can pick up? 

  • (5) items or less: students will be able to take home orders (5) items or less on the school bus. 
  • (6) items or more: any orders larger than (5) items this will require parent pick-up. If a parent is unable to pick up, please send a friend or family member, as we cannot store any product overnight due to lack of freezer space/storage. Thank you!
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Season 2 Boys' Basketball tryouts begin after-school on Monday, November 4th for 7th & 8th graders

For 6th graders, basketball practice will start the following week after-school on Tuesday, November 12th (6th graders do not have tryouts, this is a non-cut sport). 

Students are to bring athletic clothing with them to school, and meet in the Gymnasium after the final bell. 

Coaches will go over all other specifics on the first day of tryouts/practice. 

  • Sports take place on Mon/Tue/Thurs/Fri after-school,
  • Practices will conclude around 4:30/4:40pm.
  • Games start around 4:00/4:15pm. 
  • Game schedules will be provided by the coaches, but as a general rule of thumb, game days should be on Monday's & Thursday's. 

For all sport games & matches hosted offsite, transportation to the event will be provided for the students by school bus. However, parents/ guardians are required to pick-up their student following all offsite games, as transportation back to KMS is NOT provided. Pick-up is also required after all home games.

Activity Buses:
Activity Buses are available for students to take home after practices. Activity buses are available on Mon/Tue/Thurs/Fri, and coaches will help students with finding the bus stop nearest to their home, as well as provide them with the required bus pass. Activity Buses do not service home game days, as games do not conclude in time. Activity Buses typically depart at 4:50pm.

There will be NO middle school practices or competitions after-school on ‘early release’ Wednesdays.

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Dear Kenmore Middle School Families,

In the spring of 2019, the Core 24 Task Force provided recommendations to the Superintendent
addressing the Core 24 requirements. Their conclusion was that adding a seventh period with a
30-minute increase in the high school day was the best option. To minimize the impact on high
school students, in consultation with NSEA and community members, the District announced
that the 30 additional minutes would be accomplished by adding 15 minutes to the beginning
and end of the high school day. This would keep the high school start and dismissal times as
close as possible to the times adopted in the spring of 2019.

Because the District has many moving parts and a transportation system that spans 60 square
miles, the new afternoon bus pick-up time at high schools is expected to result in later bus pick-
up times for many middle and elementary school students. After an expanded review process,
the best solution to this challenge is to move the start and dismissal times for most elementary
and middle schools by 5 to 10 minutes. Without this adjustment, a significant number of buses
would arrive 15 to 20 minutes after school dismissal time, which would require a significant
increase in supervision by staff after dismissal. Kenmore Middle School will start at 8:30am and
end at 3:05pm
 We do understand this will result in a shift for families as well as staff. For a full
schedule of start and dismissal times as well as Wednesday early release times, please review
the District chart at

Over the year the District will be working aggressively to make steps towards start times and
transportation schedules that are the most beneficial for our learners. Administrators will do a
mid-year review to determine if any adjustments can be made at that time. The District has also
contracted with a transportation consulting company to investigate both short-term and long-
term opportunities for improvements to our transportation systems. In the fall of 2020, the
District is working toward several changes that will contribute to transportation improvements,
including the opening of Elementary #21 and the Skyview/Canyon Creek, regionalized
Elementary Advanced Placement (EAP) and elementary music in the regular school day.
Thank you for your understanding and patience as we work together through these difficult
logistical issues.

Bryan Stutz
Principal, Kenmore Middle School

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  • Backpack
  • 3 Ring Binder (2" or 3")
  • 8 ½" x 11" college ruled notebook paper
  • (2) 8 ½" x 11" spiral notebooks
  • Six subject dividers
  • (1) composition book
  • (2) quad ruled composition books
  • Ruler (1/16" increments)
  • Pencil Pouch
  • (12) Sharpened #2 pencils
  • Set of 12 colored pencils
  • (12) ballpoint pens - Blue or Black
  • (2) erasable pens
  • (2) red pens
  • Highlighters - three different colors
  • (2) small Post-It pads
  • USB Drive - 4 to 8gb recommended
  • Calculator
  • Pocket Tissue