6th Grade Team

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Philosophy Statement

In addition to teaching academic content, the 6th grade team will work to instill in ALL students the behaviors and habits needed to be successful students, as well as attitudes and beliefs that will lead to positive and productive engagement in school, at home, and in our community.

Contacting Teachers

Teachers attempt to check and respond to emails and phone calls between the hours of 7:45 am and 3:45 pm. When contacting teachers over the weekend, anticipate a response the following week.

As 6th teachers, we understand that the transition from elementary to middle school can involve many challenges. We are all nurturing and caring adults who are passionate about helping students learn life skills. When there is an issue involving your child, please allow him/her the space to take initiative in discussing the issue with their teacher. Often this is the most growth-minded first step. Students are encouraged to talk with their teachers frequently.

Student Work and Grades

Late Work

Learning is a fluid process, so late work is accepted up until the end of the current quarter. Students need to focus on getting their work in on time. If a student’s best work is completed and turned in on time, students can revise, redo, or rework their assignments to reflect deeper learning of the content. We promote and foster a growth mindset within our students-- one that focuses on a “can do” attitude and a willingness to take safe, classroom risks.


Homework is assigned as a way for students to practice skills and concepts that have already been introduced in class. No new material will be introduced via homework assignments. It is important that students complete homework as it is given. The skills and concepts that are practiced as homework will be built upon in subsequent lessons.

Missing assignments are indicated on the Online Progress Reports that are updated periodically by teachers. Students need to make sure that they are staying on top of their missing assignments. If there is a question about the assignments, please have the student discuss the issue with the teacher. This is a learning opportunity for students and a fantastic time for them to learn to advocate for themselves, practice responsibility, and demonstrate an open, growth mindset.

Online Progress Reports​

Grades are updated three weeks after major assignments are submitted.

Extra Credit

Extra credit is not offered in English, Social Studies, Science, and Math. Students need to complete the work as it is assigned. To improve a grade, students are encouraged to rewrite, rework, or redo assignments before the end of the current unit for a better grade.

Being a Successful Colt

In addition to teaching academic content, we will work to instill in all students behaviors and habits needed to be successful, as well as attitudes and beliefs that will lead to positive and productive engagement in school, home, and the community. 

  • Have all materials on your desk and be ready to go at the start of class: pen and pencil, paper, binder, textbook, planner, and any additional materials specified by the teacher.
  • Stay on top of your work. Complete assignments on time so you have a chance to redo, rewrite, or rework them.
  • Keep track of your learning whether you are present or absent. Check your planner, teacher websites, and your online progress report regularly.
  • You only get a limited number of universal passes at the start of the semester, use them wisely.
  • Work on building each other up and focus on positive interactions with others--be kind, using appropriate language and behavior.
  • Treat classrooms and materials appropriately--clean up after yourself and use materials for their intended purpose.
  • Advocate for yourself--if you are struggling with anything at school ask for help.
  • Be aware of others' personal space--watch where you are going.
  • Actively listen and participate during instruction--there are times to talk and time to listen.
  • Have a growth mindset--you have the ability to learn anything you put your mind to!

Materials and Supplies


Students are responsible for coming prepared to class everyday with the necessary materials. These materials include: a pen AND pencil, paper, their textbook (if applicable), water bottle, and their 3­-ring binder.


Students will need to have a 3­-ring binder that they will keep organized and clean throughout the year. They will need one section for each of their classes. The binder should have dividers neatly labeled with the titles: Math, English, Social Studies, Science, Elective, PE, and Homework.


School-issued planners must be brought to class every day. Teachers provide students with time during the period to fill in planners.

Growth Mindset Information

Videos and Animations Explaining Growth Mindset
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Growth Mindset Animation
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Graphics Explaining Growth Mindset
Growth Mindset vs. Fixed Mindset
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Parent resources recommended by the KMS Counseling Department

Speaking Pink
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Changes Parent Support Network
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Sound Discipline
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