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Wednesday April 1st, 2020

A Message from the Principal 

Good evening, Colt Families!

I hope this finds you healthy and doing well.  I hope the return to Distance Learning has been successful, in that your students have been able to reconnect with four of their six teachers, as of this writing.  The goal was for your students to not feel inundated with information or work, and I hope that our “soft start” has been just that.  I know there are still many questions circulating around our current situation, as well as planning for the remainder of the school year.  Please know that as soon as those questions are answered, the information will be provided to you.  Please be sure you are checking your emails nightly for any updates, and do engage with your students on what they are hearing from their teachers. 

If you have any questions regarding what your students are engaged in, please reach out to their teachers directly, as that is your most efficient route to information.  Teachers have scheduled many opportunities for Office Hours, where students can receive clarification and help, either individually or in small groups.  

As we transition to Spring Break, next week (it feels weird to me to have Spring Break, too) please know that staff will be away from their computers.  I cannot expect that staff are responding to emails on their time, so please be aware your questions may not get a response until the following week.  

I thank you, again, for the grace you are affording us as we work hard to try and engage your students in learning during these trying times.  We know this is not perfect and things will get better as we go.

Please stay safe and healthy, take care of one another and know the KMS staff is looking forward to the day when we get to reengage with your students within the structure of Kenmore Middle School. 

Go Colts!!!

Bryan Stutz

School Counseling & Resources

Dear KMS families, just a reminder that counselors are here to help you and your family to access resources online and in the community.   We will continue to update our website for you to find resources available to you.

Please email your school counselor if you need help with:
•    Accessing academic learning in the format that the district creates.
•    Finding community mental health resources.
•    Finding community financial resources.

On our website, we hope to include wellness links for both parents and students to access. 

Please use email to contact your school counselor.  They will monitor email between 8:00AM - 3:30PM. If you prefer a phone call, please let them know and they will call you back from a private number.

School counselors are assigned by your student’s last name.  
A-G Michael Sauer
H-N Heather Warme-Stead
O-Z Lorie Bettelyoun

Financial Resources:
Here are some community resources for long-term financial support.

Yearbook Photos Needed!

Hello Kenmore Families, 

We need some help!  We are still planning on having our KMS Yearbook, however, without our students at school, we can’t take photos of them.  Please help us by taking photos of your student and how they are spending their time away from KMS.  

We are looking for photos of our students while they are doing their “classes” at home, or how they are recreating and moving, or perhaps photos of them pursuing new passions or interests during this time.  So help us document this important time in our history with how your student handled COVID19. You can upload photos to the link provided below. We will use as many photos as we can to help document this time and fill our yearbook.  Please make sure all photos are school appropriate in nature.  

Please use the link provided, which will let you upload photos directly to the yearbook photo folder!

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