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Wednesday January 12th, 2022

A Message from the Assistant Principal

Happy January Kenmore Colt Families!  We know this new year is off to a crazy start.  As you probably know, there has been a dramatic increase in the number of positive COVID cases to start 2022.  The emails and the news about this can certainly cause an increase in anxiety for adults as well as our tweens and teens.  I have had many students ask me if I think we will have to close school again.  My answer is that I hope not, but that I do not know.  What I do know is that every member of the Kenmore staff is doing all we can to help keep our students safe and healthy.  

While we will continue to do these things at school, please help remind your young adults of the things they can do to help keep themselves and their classmates safe.  That includes wearing their masks appropriately (up over the nose please), washing hands, using hand sanitizer, and spacing to the extent possible to keep each other safe.  In addition, if your student isn’t feeling well or is having any symptoms, please keep them home and get them tested.  

The first semester ends January 28.  Teachers have already started talking to students about deadlines for missing work.  Please help your student plan ahead so they do not get stressed out about trying to do too much at the last minute.  If they are behind, help them talk to their teacher about what they can reasonably do before any deadlines to get work in.  As always, please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.

Jennifer Hernandez

Assistant Principal

Season 3 Sports: *on pause

Attention Season 3 Sport Participants & Parents/Guardians:

We have been notified that Season 3 Sports are currently on “pause”. The plan is to still offer these sports, but we have not yet been given a new start date. Due to a rise in Covid cases, limited testing supplies and not having activity buses at the middle school level, this pause was brought into effect. Please continue to check your email, as we will be sending out a start date via email once we have it. Thank you for your patience! 

You may continue to register your student, and turn in the required forms, as we do plan to resume sports. Check here to make sure you have completed all required items (registration still due by January 18th) à  click here

Home Internet Access

The FCC’s Emergency Broadband Benefit (EBB) has become the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP). Information about these excellent programs for providing families true high-speed Internet access at their homes (and not just the limited access that a hot spot provides). Visit- 

District Forms Acknowledgement

If you have not done so already, please read and acknowledge the following District forms in ParentVUE:

-WA State Attendance Letter
-Rights and Responsibilities Handbook
-Weapons Letter
-Student Housing Questionnaire

There is a known issue with the Rights and Responsibilities form for some parents that are using the mobile ParentVUE app. The workaround is to have parents log into ParentVUE using Chrome or another browser on their phone instead of the downloaded app. That allows a parent to acknowledge the form without getting an error.

If you need ParentVUE login information, contact Dianne Kinney at

Important Upcoming Dates
- 1/17:
  MLK Holiday - No school
- 1/28:   End of First Semester
- 1/31:  Non-Student Day Due to Grading Day for Teachers
- 2/1:     First Day of 2nd Semester


PTSA Important Dates & Info 
1/19 - General PTSA Meeting 7 PM via Zoom - link to be announced 
1/19 - Panda Express Dine Out Fundraiser

Volunteer needed to chair the 8th Grade Party. Please email for more info 

Volunteer Opportunity regarding Traffic Safety - KMS PTSA is looking for volunteers that are willing to place safety safety cones by crosswalks near the entry for the student drop off/pick up area to help highlight safe crossing for walkers and bike riders. This would be in the morning before and after drop off time as well as the afternoon before and after pick up time. Any member of the community is welcome to help with this including grandparents, friends and neighbors. If you are interested and would like be involved with this added safety measure for our students please email Kim Ortiz at

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