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Wednesday October 13th, 2021

Good evening KMS Families, 


I hope this eNews finds you well and you’re enjoying our Fall weather.  October is a wonderful month as the newness of the year gives way to staff really getting to know students and the benefits of relationship building starts to pay off.  I truly hope your student has found a staff member they connect with as an advocate.  Please find time to ask your students about their teachers and classes and how they feel things are going.  


Here are a few things going on in the month of October around Kenmore Middle School:


·       Healthy Youth Survey - As you have seen, students in grades 6th and 8th will be administered the Healthy Youth Survey on Oct. 29th.  We will run a special schedule on the 29th to allow time for the 45 minutes it will take students to complete this survey.  It is not optional for schools to administer this survey, but if you would like to opt your student out there is more information in the body of the eNews to do so.

·       Batch Testing - Batch testing has been going well. We are currently testing the majority of our students and to date have only had one positive batch (two weeks ago), over the 3-4 weeks we have been administering them.  This continues to be great news and a trend we hope continues.  

·       New COVID Guidance - There is a new COVID guidance from the Department of Health that schools are supposed to start using for COVID related symptoms and close contact tracing, at school.  All updated information, for parents and families, including the Parent Handbook can be found by visiting the NSD Website linked here:  As things seem to be everchanging, we appreciate your support and patience as we adjust to new information.

·       Student confrontations at school - This week we have seen two confrontations, which led to fights, at school.  The two were not related to one another, and we understand how this can be alarming to students and parents.  As we work with our students on appropriate ways of resolving conflict and generally how to interact after not being with peers or at school for an extended length of time, I would ask that you also have conversations with your students about what to do if they are involved in a conflict or see a fight happen.  If your student is involved in a conflict which could lead to a physical altercation, please tell them to leave the area immediately and seek the assistance of an adult staff member.  There are always more appropriate options than fighting.  If your student sees a confrontation happening, they should find a staff member and report it immediately, also they should never video record the conflict as it violates our cell phone policy of having students consent to be recorded.  We ask all KMS students, “if you see something that isn’t right, you say something”.  We appreciate your support in helping make KMS a safe place for everyone.   

·       Kitchen Table - Starting next Tuesday, Oct 19th, we will be offering after school tutoring in the cafeteria on both Tuesdays and Thursdays.  Kitchen table is a drop-in opportunity for students after school to get help with homework, work on concepts, or complete/make up assessments with staff members.  Kitchen Table will be staffed with KMS teachers and Support Staff and will run from the time school gets out until about 4:00pm, so students who would like to utilize the Activity Bus home, have the opportunity to do so.  We do take attendance of who shows up for Kitchen Table and ask that students commit to staying the entire time on the days they choose to stay.  This has been a well utilized tool for many students in past years and a great opportunity for students looking for some extra help or support with their academics.  


I wish you all a wonderful mid-October week and a wonderful weekend.  


Bryan Stutz



Healthy Youth E-Survey


Our school is participating in the Washington State Healthy Youth Survey on October 29th, during the school day. The survey will be given to students in the 6th and 8th grade and administered online. Students’ answers are anonymous. Please see the attached informational letter for more details.


Picture Retake Day


WHEN: Next Monday- October 18th (during Nutrition Breaks & Lunches)


WHERE: Aux Gym (Small Gym)


WHAT TO BRING: Bring your OLD Photo Packet to return to the photographers if you are getting retakes done.


IMPORTANT: If you have not yet had your photo taken this school year, this day also applies to you! Come get your photo taken for your Student ID card & yearbook photo- this is not just for ordering photos. We look forward to seeing you!


Season 2 Sports *Coming Soon!



-       Starts Monday, November 1st after-school

-       Have your student meet in the Gym after the final bell & bring athletic clothing/shoes

-       Sports Offered:

o   6th grade boys’ basketball (no tryouts- all students make the team)

o   7th & 8th grade boys’ basketball (tryouts/cuts made) *must still register & have a physical on file to tryout.






STEP 1: Make sure you have a completed Physical Exam Form turned into the office or uploaded to your FinalForms registration. Visit here to print a Physical Exam Form: and click on the “Athletic Forms” drop-down option.


STEP 2: Parent/guardian completes registration online at FinalForms. A parent/guardian must register their student on FinalForms (our sports registration site). If you have not logged in before, check for a recent email from “FinalForms” in your email inbox - this is an easy way to be directed to the site/login.


STEP 3: Student also completes their student signatures on FinalForms. Your student will use their school email to login- if they do not remember their login, have them hit ‘forgot password’. Students must sign their first/last name on a few forms- the tabs will all turn green when they are completed.


Fall SBA Testing

2021-22 Annual State Assessments


Here is a reminder of the SBA Testing Schedule at KMS:








4        ELA


Block 1, 2, 3


(est. test time 75 min)

5      ELA


Block 4, 5, 6


(est. test time 75 min)

6 finish ELA


(normal wed sched.)

7     Math


Block 1, 2, 3


(est. test time 60 min)

8     Math


Block 4, 5, 6


(est. test time 60 min)


Make Up ELA 

1st & 5th



Make Up ELA

1st & 5th



Health screener in library

14 Sci (6th gr)

(est. test time 45 min)

Make Up Math 

1st & 5th (library)

15 Sci (6th gr)


Make Up Math 

1st & 5th (library)


Stragglers in library



Stragglers in library



Stragglers in library


Stragglers in library

If you have any questions about your child’s fall assessments or schedules please feel free to contact our KMS Testing Coordinators, Holly Herbison - or Shannon Colley –




Attendance News


We want your student to be successful and starting on-time is the first start! Students with too many late arrivals will be invited to discuss barriers to attendance. Excessive unexcused tardies will result in detention.

Late arrivals – Students must sign in at the main office. All late arrivals need to be excused. We want your student to be successful at KMS and arriving on time is the first step. Tardies over 15 minutes late are considered an absence.

To excuse a late arrival, you may either:

*Call the attendance hotline, 425-408-6410 (preferred)


*Send your student into the office with a note excusing their late arrival.

*Escort your student into the office.

Full day absences – WA State law requires that all absences from school be excused within 48 hours. If you have not excused your child’s absence by the end of the day, you will receive a District robocall.  If your student’s absence is unexcused after 24 hours, I will provide your student with an Attendance Verification Form. At this point, it becomes your student’s responsibility to clear their absence.

To excuse a full day absence, you may either:

             *Call the attendance hotline, 425-408-6410.


             *Send your student into the office with a note excusing the absence.

Early Dismissals – Early dismissals require a parent/guardian signature.

To arrange an early dismissal, you may either:

*Have your student bring a signed note into the office the morning of the early dismissal. We

pre-sign out your student and provide them with a pass to get out of class at the time indicated on the note.

 *Come into the office with ID and sign your student out. Please allow extra time for us to retrieve your student.


Library News



When it’s time to switch to a down comforter, fall has officially arrived! The library is very busy before school, at nutrition break, and during lunches. Many students are checking out books, but many are also hanging out, getting away from the rain or the cold and chatting with friends.  We love the energy in the library!





We are starting to issue overdue emails and notices to students. If your student is not finished with the book, they can always bring it into the library to renew it. Extremely overdue books “go to fine”, which means that a fine for the book will show up in your student’s record. As soon as the book is returned, the fine is removed. The only time we collect a book fine is if the book is permanently lost or seriously damaged.


Speaking of books, we have so many new ones ready for check out! New books are usually on display for a month or two, until a new batch of books arrives. Don’t they look enticing?!


Happy Reading Everyone~

Ms. H


Permission to Withhold Student Directory Information


This is a reminder that the deadline to submit the Permission to Withhold Student Directory Information form is Friday Oct. 15, 2021. If you wish to submit this form do so on our website or by downloading the PDF, signing it and returning it to your school’s main office. On the form, you will find choices to determine how your student’s information is shared. Again, if you wish to complete this form you must do so no later than Oct. 15. 


Forms will be accepted after the deadline, but the District cannot be responsible for the release of Directory Information if the Permission to Withhold Student Directory Information form is received after the October 15 deadline of the current school year.


Federal law prohibits school districts from releasing information found in student files without parent/guardian permission, except for what is termed Directory Information. You can learn more about what our district releases by visiting our webpage. The District does not release Directory Information for commercial or fundraising purposes but does release this information when there is a legitimate educational purpose for doing so.


If you completed this form this school year on ParentVUE and submitted it to your school already, no additional action is required. Your form will remain on file for this school year. 


We hope that this process will be more accessible to our Northshore families. 





Registrar News


The October 29th deadline is approaching:

Annually the District provides parents/guardians with notification of forms that must be acknowledged, including:

·       WA State Attendance Letter 

·       Rights and Responsibilities Handbook 

·       Weapons Letter 

·       Student Housing Questionnaire

We ask that you login to ParentVUE today to view these forms. These forms must be completed no later than Oct. 29.  

The forms are available in English, Spanish, Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, Russian, Portuguese, Vietnamese, Korean, Hindi, Tamil and Telugu. If you would like


to access a paper copy of these forms, please contact the KMS main office, (425) 408-6400

If you have any questions about these forms, please contact Student Services at (425) 408-7725 or by email at




PTSA Important Dates & Info 

·      10/19 - MOD Pizza Dine Out Night Click the link for more info


·      Become a KMS PTSA Member

All members will receive a complimentary 3 ply fabric Kenmore Colts Mask! Pick up in the office before or after school and during lunch. 


·      10/29 - Fall Spirit Wear Sale Deadline Order at


·      11/15 - Reflections EntriesDeadline 

Visit for information and updates about how to submit your entry.


Volunteers needed for Reflections, Staff Appreciation, 8th Grade Party and more! Please email for more info. 


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