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Wednesday May 27th, 2020

A Message from the Principal

Good evening KMS Families,
I hope this communication finds you well. I am loving the great weather we are in for the rest of this week. I hope you all are finding ways to stay active and healthy. It is hard to believe we are quickly approaching the end of the school year, with June right around the corner. This will certainly be a spring for the books. I am happy to report that I have some updates on your most frequently asked questions.
•    Grading for the end of the year:
o    Middle school courses will receive one of two grades, Prepared or Prepared with Support. These scores will be based on your student’s engagement over the time we have been in our online environment. Teachers have some flexibility in expanding what they consider engagement, but here are the four forms of engagement as outlined by the District, they are:
    Connecting with teachers by email, phone or video conference about a lesson.
    Logging into and participating in activities, live discussions or chats via Google Classroom, Zoom or other teacher chosen platforms.
    Participating in online class session or viewing recording lessons.
    Completing and sharing assignment.
In order for a student to receive a Prepared, they will have had to engage in two of the four methods of engagement (or other as defined by the teacher) for six weeks or more between March 30th and June 19th. If students do not meet this standard, they will receive a Prepared with Support designation on their report card. Prepared with Support is intended to be a notice to the teachers of the students in the next school year, alerting those individuals to possible skill gaps or areas in need of support.
For students taking high school credit classes in the Middle School (Algebra, Geometry, Algebra II/Trig or Spanish) grading will follow the High School grading criteria which will involve an A, B, or INC. Grading criteria for all three levels can be found at the following link:

•    Student personal item pick-up and dropping off of school owned items:
o    Kenmore Middle School is working on a detailed plan for delivering school/District owned items back and retrieving students’ personal items left on campus. More detailed information will be coming about specific times and the process you will be expected to follow in order to make this as seamless as possible. What we know right now:
    The dates for pick up and drop off will be during the week of June 15th – 19th, to ensure students have use of these items as long as possible to support learning.
    Families will only return technology (computers and hotspots) if they are leaving the District. Students returning in the fall, even to a school other than Kenmore Middle School will retain their school owned technology for the summer.
    Medication pick up will be part of our process.
    As I said, more detailed information will be provided around the logistics of how this will work. Thank you again for your patience.

•    End of the Year Assembly:
o    As a staff, we are working on an End of the Year assembly video, to document what we have collectively endured this spring and celebrate the closure of the school year. The plan is to send this out to students and families during the final week of school to enjoy together. Please make time during that last week of school to view it, with your students.
In closing, I continue to be so proud of what our students and staff are doing as a Kenmore Middle School community. Your students have adapted and are doing great things in very trying times. Kenmore Middle School continues to be here if you need us. Please reach out with ways we can support your students and family. Thank you for the continued support and grace you give, as we are figuring all of this out.
Stay healthy and Go Colts!!!
Bryan Stutz

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