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Wednesday September 16th, 2020


9/16/2020 EMAIL BLAST

A Message from the Principal

Good evening Colt families, 

I hope you are safe and feeling healthy with all the poor air quality we have been experiencing.  By now, you should have heard that our Materials Distribution Days have been postponed to next week. Tuesday Sept. 22nd will serve last names A - K and Wednesday, Sept. 23rd will serve last names L - Z.  There is updated information further down in this eNews.  This was just another example to remind us that we are not in control of most of the things we thought we were in control of, and the ability to adapt and be flexible is important :).  It was also a real bummer for our staff, as we were all looking forward to seeing kids in person, even if it was just to wave from the car. 

Things to update you on:

    ~ Curriculum Night is September 30th - The evening will begin with a live welcome and introduction (done via Zoom) as well as some information about the philosophy we have at Kenmore Middle School. After the live portion, you will all be invited to go into your students’ Schoology pages to view a welcome message from each of your students' teachers.  Please make sure your Schoology account is set up so you can view these important messages.  
    ~ I-Ready Diagnostics are starting next week - I-Ready is a diagnostic tool and curriculum the Northshore School District started using last year.  Students will participate in the diagnostic three times a year in math and reading.  The diagnostic will assist teachers in determining where a student's strengths and areas of growth are in regards to their reading and math skills.  After the diagnostic, students are assigned individual lessons to support their area of strengths and areas for growth.  Starting Monday, Sept. 21st students will start their diagnostic in their ELA classes. Any diagnostic that is not completed during class, will need to be completed during asynchronous learning time after the learning days on Monday and Tuesday or on Wednesday.  Teachers will follow up with those students who have not finished on Thursday and Friday.  The following week, starting Sept. 28th, students will start and go through the same process for the math diagnostic.  For more information about iReady, go to this iReady family guide link.  Please watch this short  linked video on how to support your student with the diagnostic tool.  If you have specific questions regarding either diagnostic, please reach out to your students' math or English teacher.  

I truly hope your students are settling into their school schedules and have been making connections with their teachers.  As we transition into the teaching of content, next week, we know that a strong relationship is the foundation to a healthy learning environment. The KMS staff is here to support your students as they learn and grow.   If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.  

Go Colts!!!
Bryan Stutz

*REVISED!* Distribution Days – September 22nd & 23rd 

Below is an agenda for our upcoming Distribution Days, which are NEXT WEEK 
on September 22nd & 23rd. 

Please read through all of this information carefully, as it not only outlines what we are offering at this event, but also includes your student’s assigned distribution day/time (based on alpha of student’s last name).

A printable copy of this information is also included on this E-Blast, as its own attachment. We wanted to offer an easy-to-print version of these details, with the thought that you can bring this information with you on Distribution Day, as well as go over it with your student ahead of time! 

Distribution Day Agenda

Station #1:    Item Drop-Off:
Please bring any items from last school year that have not yet been turned back in. 
Examples of these items include:
          ~ Textbooks
          ~ Athletic Uniforms
          ~ Library Books
** Following distribution days, any items that still remain outstanding will result in a fine on the student’s account. 
** On a similar note- should you currently have a fine on your account, but have located the item, this is your time/place to turn it back in! All returned items will be quarantined for two weeks, and then scanned back in. Once items are scanned in, the fine should automatically delete from your account.
Station #2:    Math/PTSA:
            ~ Be prepared & know what course you’re in! 
            ~ Textbooks will be distributed to all course levels
            ~ An informational packet will be handed out to all families 

Station #3:    ELA/Art/Music: 

            ~ A “Springboard” book will be distributed to all grade-levels

            ~ An Art “supply kit” (specific to each course) will be provided to all Art students

            ~ If you are still in need of an instrument, Mr. Lane or Ms. Cramer have most likely been in contact with you to make arrangements. If not, please be sure to email your teacher prior to your assigned distribution day { ; }

Station #4:    Item Pick-Up:
             ~ There were many leftover items from last school year that still need to be picked up! 
             ~ If you received an email from us, with a notification that we have your student’s belongings, please be sure to grab them at this station – we will have them bagged & ready for you.
             ~ Anything not picked up at distribution day, or arranged for another pick-up time, will be donated. 

Station #5:     Yearbooks:
             ~ The wait is finally over! – anyone who ordered a 2019-20 KMS yearbook will receive their copy at distribution day!
             ~ All yearbook pre-sale windows have closed, and there will not be any additional copies for sale at distribution day.


1.  We suggest printing out this agenda & reading through it carefully. It could also be beneficial to have this agenda in the car with you on Distribution Day, that way you’ll be sure to not miss anything!
2.  Place a sign in your car window with your student’s last name + grade level where it can be easily noticeable!
3.  Please be sure to wear your mask! Masks will be required from the point of check-in through the final station. Anyone riding in the vehicle is asked to please wear their mask (bandanas and gators not recommended). We appreciate you helping keep our staff safe + healthy as we serve our awesome KMS community!  
4.  Be sure to show up during your scheduled timeframe (broken down by last name). 
5.  Lastly, we recommend that your student fills in their class schedule in the table below. With it still being so early in the school year, it is helpful to have your class courses written out & in front of you!

Period 1-


Period 2-

Period 3-

Period 4-

Period 5-

Period 6-



























Tip: be sure to fill in course title with specifics (i.e. “Algebra II” rather than just writing “Math”)

•    Highlighted names will pick up in our student drop-off loop, in the back 
parking lot
•    Non-highlighted names will pick up in our bus loop, at the front of the building.  

** Find your student’s assigned time + event map on the next page! 

                     DIST. DAY 1                                              DIST. DAY 2

September 22 

(bus loop)

September 22

(student pick-up)

September 23 

(bus loop)

September 23

(student pick-up) 

3:30  Aa - And

3:30  Eng - Fly

3:30  Lad - Lew

3:30  Roa - Sam

4:00  Ang - Bar

4:00  Fol - Ghe

4:00  Li - Mac

4:00  San - Sha

4:30  Bat - Bow

4:30  Gil - Guz

4:30  Mae - May

4:30  She - Smu

5:00  Boy - Bry

5:00  Hac - Hec

5:00  McC - Min

5:00  Sol - Syc

5:30  Bur - Cha

5:30  Hem - How

5:30  Mir - Mur

5:30  Tak - Tya

6:00  Che - Con

6:00  Hub - Jon

6:00  Mag - Ols

6:00  Und - Wan

6:30 Coo - Dec

6:30  Jua - Kin

6:30  Olv - Pet

6:30  Wat - Woo

7:00 DeG - Ell

7:00  Kla - Kul

7:00  Pie - Rig

7:00  Xia - Zun


REMINDER: Homeroom Starts Thursday!

Just a reminder that 1st period "Homeroom" will start tomorrow (Thursday).  Students should login to their PERIOD 1 class at 8:30.

Starting Thursday, below is the schedule you can find on the KMS WEBSITE KMS BELL SCHEDULES.

KMS Library News 

Welcome Back to the KMS Library!

I’m Ms. Herbison (“Ms. H”) and I am your KMS librarian. Although the start of school looks very different from the start of school last year, some things remain constant. Your students should be reading and checking out books that interest them! Fortunately, all students currently have online access to our NSD Digital Library, as well as KCLS offerings through their school accounts. On our KMS Library Website, there are directions for accessing both of these resources.

We will also have Curbside Checkout this year!! Starting September 30th, families will be able to pick up requested books curbside at KMS every Wednesday from 9am - 2pm. If picking up books is not possible for your family, Northshore librarians are finalizing details for a plan to make sure everyone has access to physical books. Stay tuned for more information as the end of the month nears.

Lastly, your students will have a library orientation sometime this month during their ELA class. I will make sure students practice checking out ebooks and have the information needed to place a hold on a physical book as well. Students have joined the KMS Library Schoology group, where I will share information about upcoming library events, feature new books (and old favorites ;) and provide support for tech and research skills. Most importantly, I will be getting to know your students and their interests so that our library provides books that appeal to our entire Colt Community!

In closing, please encourage your student to access the library. One easy way to check it out would be to join me on Fridays at noon for First Chapter Fridays! More information is available in our KMS Library schoology group on the website. Here’s to a great year everyone!

Holly Herbison


See informational flyer, attached to this E-Blast

School Counseling in a Virtual World

The KMS school counselors would like to let you know how we can serve your student in a virtual school year.  School counselors work with students through classroom lessons, small groups and individual services.  

We help students and families with academic, social-emotional and career and college readiness support.  We offer brief counseling services and will refer families to outside agencies when appropriate.  School counselors also connect families with financial resources as they become available.

We are available to virtually meet with you or your student if they are struggling with academic, social, or emotional issues.  For example, your student might be feeling lost or disconnected in the online learning environment, and we can be a resource for them.  We’ll be building our classroom lessons and small group opportunities in the coming weeks.  

You or your student can schedule time directly with their school counselor through email.  Additionally, Ms. Warme-Stead will be trialing an online scheduling system to simplify the process for scheduling an appointment.  Please refer to our website to find out more about our program and contact information.

Technology Challenges & Solutions 
Students having login issues:

•    Most difficulties logging in to Zoom are caused by not being authenticated.  
Please have your student follow these steps each day.

Step 1. Students must login to Clever
Step 2. Click on the zoom icon (Northshore tools)
Step 3. Click on the blue Sign In button (do not click “Join Host”)
Step 4. Enter your "" email address. 
               Click "Next".
Step 5. Enter your password. Click "Sign In".
Step 6. You will be brought to your account profile.
Step 7. Open a new tab to access the zoom link you are using.

•    If your student is having difficulty logging into Schoology, please make sure they access Schoology through their Clever login.  Students should not go directly to  Not using Clever will create login errors.

Students having Schoology issues? (Too many, duplicate, not enough, wrong classes...):

•    NSD is aware of these issues and is working on a remedy.
•    Refer to StudentVue for accurate student schedules.
•    If you can’t find your Zoom link on Schoology, check student emails from teachers for Zoom links.

•    If you’ve received an email through Schoology from a teacher that you do not have, please disregard the information you receive (it is likely an error).
Students not receiving Zoom Links:

•    Check student emails from teachers for Zoom links.
•    Check email history for the last shared Zoom link.  (Many teachers are using the same Zoom link for every class meeting).
•    If you still cannot find your Zoom link, contact your school counselor.

If you still need help:
•    Please email our School Technology Specialist, Ryan Shearer
•    Please use this form to submit a technology support request. Click Here

OPERATION SCHOOL BELL® “Shop for Clothing” Event

Assistance League of the Eastside, an all-volunteer organization, has a program called Operation School Bell. In the past, a fall “Shop for Clothing” event at a local Fred Meyer store has been scheduled for eligible students whose families need assistance due to financial hardship.

The fall “Shop for Clothing” event for our school will be different this year. Selected students will be given $100 gift cards to purchase items related to clothing, supplies, health, hunger and/or literacy.
Operation School Bell is made possible through the fundraising activities of Assistance League and the generosity and collaboration with Fred Meyer stores. The number of available shopping spots is limited. It is possible that funding may not be available for all eligible students. Participation is not guaranteed every year.
If you would like to be considered, please complete the Request to be Considered form below. If selected, you will receive more details. This is not a guarantee of participation.
Request to be Considered for OSB


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