Report an Absence

Students are expected to attend all assigned classes each day. It is important that you call the office whenever your student will be absent from school.

Call 425-408-6410

Attendance Policy

Full Day Absences

All absences must be excused within 48 hours (State Law RCW 28A255).  Failure to excuse a full day absence or tardy within 48 hours will result in a 2-hour after school detention assigned to your student.

To excuse a full day absence, you may either:
  • Contact the 24-hour attendance hotline 425-408-6410

  • Send a written note with parent/guardian signature

Please provide the following information when excusing a full day absence:
  • Identify yourself (mom, dad, legal guardian, etc.)

  • Student’s full name and spelling of last name

  • Date
  • Reason for the absence

Late Arrivals

All students arriving late to school or returning from an appointment must sign into the office. Failure to excuse a late arrival before/after your student arrives will result in discipline assigned to your student.  

Please note:  

Unexcused tardies less than 15 minutes will be assigned a lunch duty. Missing more than 15 minutes of class is considered an unexcused absence and your student will be assigned a 2-hour after school detention.  3 unexcused tardies in one month will result in a 2-hour after school detention.

Early Dismissals

A parent/guardian signature is required for early dismissals.  Students must check out in the Attendance Office before leaving campus.

Pre-arranged early dismissal:

Have your student bring  a written note to the Attendance Office before school the morning of the early dismissal. The note should include:  a parent/guardian signature, date, student’s full name and time of early dismissal. Your student will receive an early dismissal pass allowing them to leave class at the appropriate time.

Last-Minute Signing Student Out: 

If not pre-arranged, allow extra time for the student to be located and dismissed from class.  Please note that it is not always possible to get a pass to a student during the last 15 minutes of the school day or during assemblies and special events.


Students who need to go home early due to illness must check out with the school nurse. Students will only be released from school to someone other than a parent/guardian or authorized emergency contact if we receive your written permission in advance. The person authorized must report to the Attendance Office to sign out the student on the early dismissal log and show valid photo identification.

Excessive Absences

Excessive absences (excused and unexcused) will result in a letter of “concern” being sent home and may be referred to our Truancy Intervention Program Specialist. 

20 consecutive absences will result in the withdrawal of the student from KMS.

Parents and students are strongly encouraged to review the school calendar, and when at all possible, schedule activities such as vacations, etc., on days that would not require missing school. When this is not possible and a student must miss several days of school, the student should obtain a pre-arranged absence contract.

To obtain a pre-arranged absence contract:

  • Have your student bring a written note signed by a parent/guardian to the Attendance Office indicating the reason and dates of the absence. 
  • Your student will be provided with a pre-arranged attendance contract to take to his/her classes to obtain homework.

Pease note: We recognize that there are many reasons for students missing school, however, students can only maximize their educational experience by attending class. While homework can be made up, nothing can replace class activities, discussion, and instruction. Please know, pre-arranged absences must be arranged in advance and that teachers are not obligated to provide make up work for classroom based experiences, potentially resulting in a lower grade.


Truancy is defined as having an unexcused absence.  All unexcused absences will be assigned discipline.
Truancy includes:

  • Being absent from school or class without the consent of a parent/guardian or class once arriving on campus, without the knowledge of the school. 
  • Leaving class or school without going through your teacher, the nurse’s office or the Attendance Office.


Attendance Secretary

Monica Twitchell

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