Amanda Overdick


This is my fifth year at Kenmore teaching Washington State history. I graduated from Western Washington University in December 2013 with a degree in history/social studies and received my teaching certificate in June of 2014. While I was at WWU I was a part of the track and field team, primarily competing in high jump. I coach track and coordinate the WEB program here at Kenmore and outside of school I spend my time hiking, camping, spending time with family and friends, and traveling.

I have loved learning about history since I was a little kid on road trips with my family, making stops at museums, monuments, and national parks along our way. Being able to discover the journeys people have taken, each for their own reason, is an amazing thing that education gives us the opportunity to do because there is so much we can take away from the stories of people. It is amazing to see how we have changed politically, economically, socially, and culturally and to think about how we will continue to change over the years.

My role as a teacher is to educate each child that is a member of my classroom and, because of this, I try to create a classroom environment that is warm, engaging, and attune to the needs of my students. I want to make sure each student’s time in my classroom is rewarding and a large part of this comes from the variety of activities and topics we focus on each day. I also am sure to keep student opinions in mind and like it for them to have a voice and work on their role in society, as they become active members of the community. Everyone has their own unique interpretations and viewpoints that help contribute to an interesting and more expansive learning environment.

Google Classroom

All assignments for my 7th grade social studies classes will be posted in Google Classroom. Students have access to it through their school Google accounts.

Helpful websites and documents that could be of use throughout the school year.